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MeE by zookieloli MeE :iconzookieloli:zookieloli 0 0
He's gone
Green and brown above my head.
No hands reaching down for me to grab.
Black and red filling my eyes and body.
No way to jump higher or gain that one person I'm dying to have.
Green and brown is getting farther.
No Rachel, you'll never have who you desire.
:iconzookieloli:zookieloli 3 1
IDofme by zookieloli IDofme :iconzookieloli:zookieloli 2 0 DAIDmee by zookieloli DAIDmee :iconzookieloli:zookieloli 2 0 DAid by zookieloli DAid :iconzookieloli:zookieloli 0 0 DA pic by zookieloli DA pic :iconzookieloli:zookieloli 1 0
No hunger
I've learned to play with my food.
Make bridges and paths, a way to cross along the piles.
Past the vegetables and pass the meat, all the way to the end of the plate.
I'm never hungry anymore.
:iconzookieloli:zookieloli 2 1
I'm done chasing you around
I'm done pushing up off the ground
I'm done being pushed and being slapped
I'm done finding excuses to speak another breath
I'm done trying to say the right thing
I'm done thinking what things are wrong
I'm done trying to be worth something to keep
I'm done crying every night
I'm done with every fucking fright
I'm done with myself.
:iconzookieloli:zookieloli 3 0
No name
I cried for you,
I laid on my back for you,
I bent over backwards and turned in ways people shouldn't turn,
For. You.
I won't say you're an ass hole or you're the reason,
I won't say you cut out a perfect broken heart,
I won't say you made me pound a fist into my own gut or made me smash my head into the wall.
I won't say those things,
But thanks.
:iconzookieloli:zookieloli 1 0
Life is nothing like a fucking road.
There's no sign to point you your direction.
I don't see a light telling me when to stop or go.
Hell, there's no color telling me to go fast or slow.
Life is nothing like a glass of wine.
If it is I can't tell if I'm filled to the rim or too low to flow.
Life is nothing like they or you say,
maybe mine is just not worth staying.
Nobody knows.
:iconzookieloli:zookieloli 4 0
Less Me
I feel less me every turn I take from the world.
How much dizzy I get every spin.
I feel less me every drink I pound.
How much more do you think I'll take?
I feel less me every breath I inhale.
How much more do you think it'll take to be less of me?
I feel less me every day,
It's the only way I find a me that I can live with.
:iconzookieloli:zookieloli 3 5
"I don't want to lose you." he says.
"I feel like I'm already lost."
Is there a way to feel lost when you know exactly where you are? I know I'm sitting, I know I'm staring at the screen, but I feel so lost. I feel so gone and wondering.
Can you claim to feel that way?
I think I just did.
:iconzookieloli:zookieloli 3 0
Not so innocent
It started with just a kiss.
one single innocent peck to the lips.
How'd it end up like this?
Me crawling on the floor,
Me begging, "no more
It was easy at first,
We held hands,
It was warm
I don't think I                       will
ever forget what that felt like.
I remember saying We'll have
A happy life together,
I                                     never
thought it'd be so fragile.
I can see the stars where I lay,
Why can't we sit here together
Act like ne
:iconzookieloli:zookieloli 3 0
Your lying.
Are you lying?
I want to believe you but I can't.
I want to stop crying, but the tears won't stop flowing.
Your lying.
Are you lying?
I want to hear the truth from you lips, not from some stupid text.
I want to see the truth, but truth just can't be seen.
Your lying.
Are you lying?
:iconzookieloli:zookieloli 3 0
Kiss Across my Collarbone
A brush
over my skin.
A warm breath
A taunting
soft whisper.
Kiss across my collarbone.
Where there is
pasty skin.
Where you warm my
cold heart.
Where I hold a
jailed breath.
Kiss across my collarbone.
Make me
see haze
Make me
say your name
Make me
feel something
Kiss across my collar bone.
I need
Your warm embrace
I need
A feather's kiss
I need
My heated name
Kiss across my collarbone.
make the pain ease
the loving suffice
the pounding of my heart
wash over me
Kiss across my collarbone.
steal my breath
haunt me with your
I don't know you
you can erase what I feel
Kiss across my collarbone
Talk me through time
Reverse all those lies
Take back the pain
Give me the butterflies
From that soft touch
Kiss across my collarbone
can you know it
it is mine
this feeling
so tender
so sweet
Kiss across my collarbone
:iconzookieloli:zookieloli 18 42
Another pretty lie
A lie.
There so pretty and fixed,
so flawless and never a mess.
They come out or they don't,
Maybe they hurt,
Maybe they don't.
Who knew a lie could hurt more than the truth?
Who knew I'd ever say this?
Tell me another pretty lie,
I want to hear a lie,
one you think long about,
make sure it's perfect.
At least you worked hard on it.
:iconzookieloli:zookieloli 4 0


..::pain't'::.. by WhiteSpiritWolf ..::pain't'::.. :iconwhitespiritwolf:WhiteSpiritWolf 1,592 0 Pokepal by ichan-desu Pokepal :iconichan-desu:ichan-desu 1,647 190 Crystal Frog by Pikishi Crystal Frog :iconpikishi:Pikishi 2,866 209 The tragic story of Pikachu by GlassPanda The tragic story of Pikachu :iconglasspanda:GlassPanda 4,422 397 Pinkie Portal... Wait? What? by johnjoseco Pinkie Portal... Wait? What? :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 4,558 459 Misaki-san by gofu-web Misaki-san :icongofu-web:gofu-web 1,523 72 my heart still has a beat by xClarisse my heart still has a beat :iconxclarisse:xClarisse 97 24 Before her eyes by pro-non Before her eyes :iconpro-non:pro-non 1,023 94 Greenhouse by meago Greenhouse :iconmeago:meago 6,802 446
water swan
listening to two people
falling in love,
a thin wall like paper wings
between their one heart
and my own,
i can't help but imagine
that it's
you & me.
with all these halogen lights burning,
i'm going to catch fire
in your eyes.
i went down on the river,
a water swan,
hoping for a heart
& a hand to hold.
you said you don't mind
my emotional baggage,
it's pretty like my lips.
that is when i told you
i love you.
that is when you didn't
let me go home to sleep alone
that night.
:iconohsostarryeyed:ohsostarryeyed 163 55
there will come a time when
you'll want me back in your life.
well, right around that time, i'll
have learned to laugh in your face.
:iconlivesofbirds:livesofbirds 37 24
When I'm Gone
No one will notice when I'm gone
I'm trying so hard to just move on
You haunt my thoughts and haunt my dreams
No one hears me when I scream
I look at you and see perfection
I'm wandering around with no direction
To where I'm heading or where I'll go
True love is real? I don't think so..
I'm unwanted by you and unseen by the rest
I've been trying to keep my tears suppressed
But I'm too weak to keep them in
These painful thoughts dig under my skin
Now I dream that I have run away
The blackened night has replaced the day
The rain downpours onto the street
The water reflects the stars under my feet
I continue to run until I'm out of sight
I run alone all through the night
When I'm gone, will you even care?
If I were to dissipate into the air
:iconillustriousdesigns:IllustriousDesigns 1 0
Eyes by Mezamero Eyes :iconmezamero:Mezamero 2,020 125


I will be leaving this account, im making a new one. some of the pieces i like off of this account will be re-uploaded there. if u want the new account name, message me or comment please. Bye <3
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